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Costume changes~

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The Little Mermaid phone backgrounds (Part 2) - requested by anon - feel free to use!

reference for cosplay :3 

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Cosplay plans! :D I’m going to do a lot of improvements to my tron Riku and make Lightning (Sacred Knight garb from Lightning Returns), Rei from Evangelion, and I might continue with Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword. The Sacred Knight garb is kinda complex but I think I’ll be able to do it, just might take a while though. I’m going to try out either wonderflex or worbla but I’m leaning more towards wonderflex since it is a little cheaper.

reference on zelda

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Circle Skirt Pattern Ideas


Princesses dresses tend to have wide, twirly skirts, which circle skirts most definitely are. There are some tutorials out there to draft your own, but if you’re like me and suck at math/geometry, a pre-made pattern is the way to go. Poodle skirts like Simplicity 5403 and 3847 are circle skirts, which are easy to modify with a compass(leftover from math class). I used S3847 and the result was a very full skirt:


(cosplay isn’t Disney, but this is the pattern’s end result)

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Today I entertained myself by sketching some Disney ladies in swimwear. :D I’m actually very happy with all of them.


R1: Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice

R2: Tinkerbell, Aurora(Sleeping Beauty), Eilonwy(Black Cauldron), Ariel(Little Mermaid)

R3: Belle(Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine(Aladdin),  Sally(Nightmare Before Christmas), Pocahontas.

R4: Esmeralda(Hunchback of Notre Dame), Meg(Hercules), Mulan, Jane(Tarzan)

R5: Kida(Atlantis), Tiana & Lottie/Charlotte(Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel(Tangled)

R6: Vanellope(Wreck-it-Ralph), Merida(Brave), Anna & Elsa(Frozen)

Check out the Villians~

edit— 3/21

this got popular really quick… but there were still a few characters that I wanted to add that I was too tired to do originally. Also, changed Snow’s design slightly because I was having issues with the original before…

Before anyone asks, I will not be making anymore characters. There are 24 here. That’s plenty.

And if you have something to say about the body types here, please read here before you say something that’s already been said and discussed to death.

Alright, I’m out. PEACE. <3

Edit —- 5/2

Reordered to more accurately portray Disney timeline and also homogenized general proportions because it just flows a bit better and should drive the point home that these are just fashion sketches and not unique characters. okbai


I’m probably about 45% done covering my Elsa bodice with hand cut rectangles. I decided to take a break from rectangles and do a little embellishing with the blue bugle beads scattered along the bottom of her bodice. The embellishing stage is major incentive for me to chug along with the rectangles because all the rhinestones and beads will really bring this thing to life :D

Elsa costume made by Dessi-Desu

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The Little Mermaid

Did you ever wonder what colleges the Disney Princesses would attend? We have the answer >

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