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!! Woah guys! Pixelovely’s new tools are finally out, one for hands & feet, and one for faces!

There’s now 429 photos of hands & feet, and 314 photos of faces. Dang!!

This is super cool news and I certainly can’t wait to start using them haha

I’ve got tons of tutorials on hands, feet and faces in their relevant tags, so be sure to check those out too nwn


This is insanely useful!




Some Girls is a British sitcom about the lives and loves of a group of quirky 16-year-old girls who play on the same school football team and live on the same inner city estate. We join them on their bumpy journey through adolescence, taking in boys, sex, cliques, teachers, heartbreak, fun and even some football along the way. (x)

Series 1:

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6

Series 2: 

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6



You NEED to watch this show. 

- Four teenagers that behave like actual teenagers and not over-drugged, over-chavved versions of teenagers. 

- Four well-rounded, distinctive female characters

- Two of which are WoC

- Female friendships are the foundation of the show

- They fight, they say hurtful things to each other, but in the end their friendships are stronger than their differences.

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***ALSO:if you’re not in the uk you can get the Hola Better Internet extension for your browser and change the setting to uk, allowing you to watch the show directly from the bbc website on demand***


 Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap and a reproduction poster for the item.

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So I’m on Yahoo! minding my own business and found an article on last week’s filibuster by Wendy Davis and how Republicans are now vowing to pass this law… Well, I found a quote by Mr. Texas Governor- Rick Perry. 

" ‘The world has seen images of pro-abortion activists screaming, cheering,’ Republican Gov. Rick Perry said. ‘Going forward, we have to match their intensity but do it with grace and civility.’ "

Here’s my problem with this quote. 

1. Well Mr. Perry, I’m pro-choice. I believe in the choice for those who choose to have an abortion to be able to have a safe environment in which they can do this. Stop enforcing your ideas and morals on vaginas (even though we all know you have a penis) and oppressing others and their bodies and maybe I wouldn’t be so excited that I can control my own body b/c it’s mine not yours.

2. Civility? Texas Senate broke their own rules after the filibuster. There’s not even an ounce of Wendy Davis stood up for 11 hours with pink tennis shoes on w/out any breaks for anyone who has a vagina. 


Learn to Sew“…a series of free online tutorials guiding you through the basics of sewing, from setting up your machine, to understanding sewing patterns, and finishing your seams.

Anyone interested in my Dream Circus fabrics, but doesn’t know how to sew (including myself), should check this out! :) Great resource!


(Video) @ 35 minutes.

Not shitting you, he said Christopher Eccleston and everyone else in Season one is ugly.


Not this one, honey.

As a whovian.. It’s disappointing that that’s his only reason. His only problem is because he can’t find the cast attractive? big whoop… Doctor Who is about more than just looks, it’s questioning the (and our own) world(s) & universe that we know. It’s philosophical & thought provoking. It’s my imagination gone wild. Doctor Who is about more than just how good the video quality is or what the characters look like. Onision, you’re missing out on so much to learn & enjoy, but that’s you’re opinion & choice. whatevvaaaaaaa

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